Friday, March 28, 2014

sit stay/down stay

We have been working on our sit stay/down stay. This is one item where we actually have pretty consistent success. The biggest issue is her laying down during a sit stay. It appears we have weighted the down too heavily and it is becoming sort of an intant "go-to" behaviour. I did take a video of her on the final minute of a 3-4 minute stay in the local park. She did really well considering there were a bunch of squirrels running back and forth amongst the oak trees and she held her ground without losing focus or breaking her stay. I think taking video with the phone is a new distraction that is throwing things off a little. Mostly because I am still fumbling around with it and since I am jostling about and holding it in front of me she seems to get nervous about it. She did break at the very last second after holding for about 3-4 minutes so I just said OKAY! and made it seem like that was my idea. I kept this video where she breaks to have Peggy look at it to be certain I am managing that correctly? I will learn to upload things with some help~ We missed class last Saturday so I am not sure what else we are supposed to be working on so we will get caught up tomorrow.

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