Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bordetalla Blues

Hey everyone,

Nugget here. I am typing this today as Colleen is probably busy trying to find some disgusting kind of medicine to trick me into eating! YUCK!!! Thank god we are done with all that stuff. I know why this kennel cough is called Bordatella--------because I am really freaking BORED - LET ME TELL YA!
And yes....I can type on the computer....I am border collie and cattle dog for goodness sake.....the next step is world domination~

I was feeling pretty lousy last week but I am feeling much better already. I am not coughing or anything-even when we go outside in the cold. I am hoping if I can drive her totally crazy over the next 7 days that we will be back in class by next Wednesday. She keeps talking about being extra careful so I don't bring anything back to class. I am trying to be understanding, but I am getting a little stir crazy! I was slamming her in the head with my squeaky pig at 1 am last night, so I think she is finally getting the picture. I have been totally taking advantage of her sympathy and got all kinds of good treats and even yogurt pops to keep my throat from feeling raw. I looked in the mirror today and I am getting a little bit of chub since I have not been excercising as much as usual~ so I am cutting those back now. I need to stay at my fighting weight. I figure I had better start training her again since we have been slacking for the last couple weeks with me not feeling up to much of anything. She is getting a little rusty I can tell. I Hope all my buddies are doing ok. I miss you guys and hope to get back to class soon. Colleen is sitting down now so it is time to go get my squeaky pig again-peace out and hope all are well. Sincerely~ Nugget


  1. Hey, Nugget, that is a cool trick you have, there! Not the squeaky pig thing--though that is a pretty good one, too; I am talking about you TALKING...or, well...typing. I think I see a bright future for us on the talk show circuit, or at least as collaborative writers. Good dog!!!
    I hope you are able to persuade Colleen to get you back to dog school soon; everyone misses you, especially me!

    Miss Peggy

  2. Autumn and I are glad you are feeling better! Autumn had heartworm when we first got her and couldnt do much exercise so I am imagine she felt just like Nugget.